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New temporary office space

on Tue 13 Jun 2017

We're currently trying out a new office space on a temporary basis at the Trinity Centre in Newham.  Trinity Centre offers a longstanding commitment to developing and nurturing a range of services for vulnerable and marginalised communities in Newham.  It's great to try out new ways of working - and we've been very grateful for the warm welcome we've recived at Trinity. 

NBCUniversal International Studios

on Tue 13 Jun 2017

We've been busy developing a new workshop to explore the challenge of difficult conversations in the workplace for NBCUniversal International Studios.  Our work helps people reflects on culture, identity and belonging.  The feedback we've had from our taster session showed that we were successful in getting people engaged, thinking and talking. We're very excited about delivering the roll out.  

Peer Mentors at Parkview School

on Tue 13 Jun 2017

We were very excited to continue our work supporting peer mentoring at Parkview School and are pleased to have been invited back to train the 4th cohort of peer mentors.  Our 4-day intensive workshop was attended by 16 students. 63% of students rated the training as very good or excellent, with the remaining descibing it as good.  We were pleased to learn that 81% of students felt more comfortable talking about feelings and needs after taking part in the training.  

Workshops for Mental Health Awareness Week

on Tue 13 Jun 2017

We were recently invited to Woodside High School to deliver a series of workshops for students and parents/carers to highlight Mental Health Awareness Week .  We were impressed with how willing students were to be open and were heartened by the highly dedicated staff team we met.  We were delighted to have had positive feedback from students and staff from the school and look forward to being invited back.  

Successful workshops in German universities

on Wed 7 Dec 2016

Our popular Working Close to the Edge workshops were a huge success for KSFH Munich and Benediktbeurn.  The feedback we recieved was extremely positive with 85% of students agreeing that the workshops were exciting and that they learnt a lot.  Overall, students felt that the workshops were practical, hands on and relevant to their work.  Of course we're thrilled and are very excited that deep:black have already been booked to deliver for next years students.