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And they're off!

on Tue 17 Oct 2017

We've already had our first two sessions of the Creative Personal Leadership course which is the first part of our Haringey Young Leaders project taking place this Autumn at Somerford Grove Adventure Playground.

The playground has been a brilliant location for the course and has been really powerful in terms of using the space to explore what leadership looks and feels like. Sessions have gone really well so far with participants saying after the first session that they appreciated the opportunity 'to meet new people' and were thankful for 'the staff guiding and encouraging my independence'.

Watch this space...

Peer Mentors refreshed and ready

on Fri 13 Oct 2017

We were honoured to re-connect with the Peer Mentors at Park View School this week who are preparing to meet their first mentees after completing training with us last year.

We spent a 2hr session reconnecting with the framework, remembering what makes a great peer mentor and having the opportunity to practice skills in a role play scenario.

We came away impressed with the group's memory and excited for what they can offer younger students in terms of support around emotional wellbeing.

RECRUITING! Young Leaders from Haringey

on Mon 14 Aug 2017

We have the go-ahead for Haringey Young Leaders which we're running in partnership with Somerford Grove Adventure Playground in Tottenham and we are looking for participants!

We are looking for young people aged 14-21yrs from Haringey who are interested in attending a free Personal Leadership Programme this autumn.

This is an opportunity to take part in a creative course, develop key skills for your life, and receive support in order to:

  • learn how to use creativity as a tool for growth

  • run a creative peer-support space for young people from Haringey

The programme will take place at Somerford Grove Adventure Playground.

If you’re interested, send an email to and tell us in a short paragraph why you are interested and what you bring to this programme.

Dates for Haringey Young Leaders for Emotional Wellbeing:


29 September: deadline for emails to express your interest

03 & 04 October: 1-2-1 interviews


Leadership Training: 05 October 5-8pm, 12 October 5-8pm, 19 October 5-8pm

25 October 3-8pm

26 October 3-8pm 

2 November 5-8pm

16 November 5-8pm

Haringey Young Leaders for Emotional Wellbeing

on Thu 29 Jun 2017

deep:black are developing a new project for Haringey and we had lots of fun at our meeting with Haringey Play Association in their fantastic adventure playground.  The new youth project will support and develop emotional wellbeing through creativity, playfulness and movement.   

Recognising and Managing Conflict for Year 9 students

on Thu 29 Jun 2017

We're delighted to be working with Meridian High to support their PHSE curriculum.  In the coming weeks we'll be delivering workshops to help Year 9 students to become more aware of conflict as part and parcel of school life, to look at what can cause conflict and to be able to reflect on tools and techniques that can help manage it.