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Conflict Matters


on Fri 27 Jan 2017

 “In order to reach the place, you need not only

 to step out of your home, but also out of your ways of looking...”*

These are the first two lines of a poem that was written up on a house wall above where we stood marvelling at a little stretch of a very green-looking Melaan: a historic canal strolling slowly through the old city of Mechelen. And one that has made a historic come-back because early last century the Melaan shared the fate of many other waterways that were seen no longer useful now that transport had moved to the streets.

Conflict Matters

on Thu 29 Oct 2015

About growing up, conferences and standing tall


When I grew up I started counting the many 'firsts' that I seemed to have to get through in order to be an adult: my first baby tooth out; my first day at school; my first own bicycle; my first kiss; my first period; my first trip abroad without parents; my first heartache; my first time driving; my first salary... the list goes on and on and has most recently involved my first cocktail with my now adult niece and my first funeral of an adult friend.

I don't know where along the way I crossed the line into adulthood...


When we've recently