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'Everyone who experienced the deep:black sessions (run for school staff as part of the INSET day) has said how good they were, how needed it was and that it has helped them in their work. I think our staff were like thirsty plants craving a little nurturing. They have blossomed a little now. Thank you so much. Your careful, empathetic approach is so valuable for us to move forward.'
          - Peter Czajkowski - Associate Assistant Headteacher, Park View School
'deep:black’s approach allows young people to feel accepted and valued for their opinions and comfortable within the group. They ensure that each and every participant is heard at all times. The sessions offer a varied combination of skill learning and role-playing with added fun in between. I would like to thank Petra and Katharine for their creativity and look forward to working with them again in September’  
- Feray Dervish - Extended School Counselling Co-ordinator, Park View School
'Creative, playful, open, intelligent and overwhelmingly positive in their approach to complex and challenging issues.  It was a real privilege to work with deep:black and I would do so again in an instant.  Why are they not running the country?  No, really!'
- Chris Redmond, Poet & MC for riot:lyrics live

'It's a real pleasure for us to be working with deep:black. As to the current situation which has arisen across London, I think the work we do really kicks In at these moments. When young people need to show leadership and resolve conflicts through dialogue and understanding rather then resort to violence. They need to speak out against injustice by articulating through the right channels. Keep up the good work.'

- Abdul Wahid, Director of Youth Service, Nida Trust

'I found this workshop (Peeling the Onion: An Introduction to Understanding Conflict) a useful and innovative approach to analysing conflicts and trying to establish common ground between people. The workshop was very interactive and engaging. Thanks!'

- Medical student, Street Doctors