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Petra Hilgers

Petra is a creative facilitator with over 15 years of experience in the fields of community development, team and organisational change and personal development. 

Petra believes people have the power to make changes that are positive for them and is particularly interested in developing deep:black's work on understanding anger. 

Originally from Germany, Petra has developed her skills in peace building, non-violent communication, the arts, mediation and conflict coaching working in countries and communities all over the world including Bosnia, South Africa, Uganda, Darfur/Sudan, Afghanistan and now in London.

As one of the founding directors of deep:black, Petra is an outstanding leader; she is willing to take the first step and enables others to follow. She is genuinely open, non-judgemental and has a real willingness to be with difference. Petra loves learning and commits to new undertakings and relationships as a lifelong journey of engagement. She has excellent organisational skills, is reliable and known for being her word.

Petra models 'self-awareness', a core value of deep:black: being able to identify our feelings and needs as well as empathising with others.