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Our Approach

Our vision
is a dynamic learning community that integrates conflict positively and creatively into our lives and stimulates social change.

Our mission
is to provide a space where people can engage with conflict in a holistic way through creative learning and inspiring high quality work, and through connecting with each other in order to inspire participation and ownership.


Our Approach

The deep:black approach is about using and fusing the arts to create dialogue, develop a culture of communication and build connection across difference.

The name deep:black stands for the unknown and the common perception of conflict as being something negative and scary.

deep:black invites people to take risks, to take a deep breath and then plunge right into the deep, dark, scary heart of conflict – because we believe that in the middle of conflict is creativity, opportunity, growth, an explosion of colour and potential for new ideas and powerful collaboration.

We have expertise in how people learn and change: we use non-wiolent communication, mediation, coaching techniques, drama and role play, visual arts and leadership skills.

Our approach leaves people feeling refreshed, surprised, infected and also acknowledged in their experience and gift.